New Facility, New Petition Software

Runbeck Headquarters

Written by Jeff Ellington

IT’S HARD TO BELIEVE 2018 is complete! Major elections across the nation made this years Midterm election as busy and exciting as a Presidential election cycle. At Runbeck, we took the opportunity between elections to move our entire production and staff to a new purpose-built facility that we constructed from the ground up specifically for elections. (Check out the 2-1/2 minute timelapse video of the entire build…it makes it look simple!) The 90,000 sq.ft. facility is located across from the Phoenix airport and near the Post Office. The location provides us with improved efficiencies and easier access for customer visits. The facility enhances physical and virtual security, utilizes solar panels for much of our energy and employs a growing and dynamic Runbeck team who call the Valley of the Sun home.

We’re only breaking into 2019 and several elections have already been processed with many more on the schedule. Of course, planning for 2020 is heavily underway. It won’t be long until we start supporting 2020 petition efforts with our newest Vocem software allowing counties and states to seamlessly and quickly process petition pages…a HUGE time, space and resource-saver during elections. There’s so much to look forward to with our software and equipment in the next years! Reach out to Runbeck anytime with questions or to schedule a tour now that we’re settled in.

~ Jeff Ellington, President & COO


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