Years in business. Our dedicated team has served in the elections industry for 346+ combined years.


Voters impacted each year by our products and services. That's 37% of Registered Voters!


Precincts and vote-by-mail ballots meticulously produced each election cycle.

Providing Technology Solutions for Elections

Runbeck Election Services partners with clients to provide innovative technology, products and services which drive successful elections across America. We have refined the process of producing successful elections and drive to solve problems and continue to improve the democratic process. Fifty years of ballot and industry experience instills trust that we can customize, manage and improve the election experience. Our work has touched over 70 million registered voters in jurisdictions across 22 states and Washington D.C.

Election Solutions – Vote-By-Mail Ballot Printing, Sorters and Software are just a few of our Solutions

What would improve your election experience? Explore the options of high-integrity ballot print & mail solutions along with our technology-driven equipment, software, Election Management Systems and partner support. We have developed our products and services to assist you during the intense election cycles. Be assured that customization to fit every election process is our priority. See how our secure, cutting-edge software and equipment for on-demand printing, sorting, ballot duplication, signature verification and petition management and more can be the answer for your jurisdiction. The Runbeck Service Support Teams are there for you from start to finish.

Runbeck Ballot Printing
Runbeck Agilis Ballot Sorter
Runbeck Vocem Petition Management Software


Rey Valenzuela

Runbeck Elections is a subject matter expert on process. They are always involved and want to know more. Runbeck is reliant as a partner not a vendor; their competence helps them identify issues before they become an issue.

Rey Valenzuela
Director of Elections, Maricopa County Elections