Election Products and Services Spec Sheets

Download Product and Service Spec Sheets below for a quick reference to the Runbeck Solutions. If you don’t see an item that you need, please contact Runbeck and we will answer all of your questions and send you the appropriate information.

Print & Mail

  • Print & Mail Services


  • Sentio Ballot Printing System®

  • Agilis®Ballot Sorting System

  • AgilisDUO™ Tabletop Ballot Sorting System


  • SOLLUS™ Take Control of Ballot Printing

  • Novus® On-screen Ballot Duplication Software

  • Simulo® UOCAVA E-Ballot Duplication System

  • Verus Pro™ Automated Signature Verification

  • Vocem™ Petition Management Software


  • Cybersecurity

Other Product, Service and Business PDFs

  • Producing Election Materials Sustainably

Product Overview Videos

Print & Mail Ballot and Materials for Elections

Agilis Ballot Packet Sorting System

Sollus Ballot Printing Software (In-house)

Simulo UOCAVA Ballot Duplication Software

In The News Videos

Vocem Petition Management Software Solution

Sentio Ballot On-site Printing Solution

AgilisDuo Ballot Packet Sorting System

Novus Ballot Duplication Software

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