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Rebuilding Trust in Democracy Using Systematic Innovation

Built on a Legacy of Integrity and a Spirit of “What is Possible”

Runbeck Election Services, Inc. was founded by Chuck Runbeck in 1972 and has been an active participator in the growth and modernization of the electoral process over the last 50 years. What began as a grassroots initiative in producing our local counties’ elections to now delivering customized election solutions for over 70 million voters— we embrace a “what is possible” mindset.

Our team comes from extensive backgrounds in government, local elections, printing, design, and technology. Being directly engaged in a variety of mediums has resulted in a great level of expertise in customizing, managing, and improving the election experience. Our work has touched over 40% of our nation’s voters in jurisdictions across 23 states and Washington D.C.

Both state and local election workers come to us for the unique experience of finding solutions for their gamut of needs in their counties. We understand the importance of staying informed and proper preparations. This includes staying up-to-date on changing state regulations, federal laws, and incumbent and new positions, along with each tiny detail surrounding the electoral process

Voter rights equally depend on the ability to vote within an accurate electoral system.

Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, our 163,000 sq. ft. headquarters, is where our ingenuity works out each detail of our technology and services to support one clear mission— defending democracy. Each process we deploy towards producing elections for nationwide jurisdictions is focused on this goal.

 We do this by providing the full spectrum of what our civil and political participants need for each election. We understand it takes unwavering diligence to execute a successful election. Our democracy demands nothing less. We’ve done the hard part of ensuring accuracy in reporting and mitigating potential weaknesses from each point of contact from the first to the final step. With the support of our partners and a healthy dose of humility, we improve our process, every election.

Integrity Driven
Products & Services

Explore how our cutting-edge equipment, software, and production methods provide complete peace of mind in a fair election process. Without any off-shore production, we handle ballot printing, mailing, inserting, and sorting all under one roof. 

Beyond that, we provide reliable hardware solutions for mail ballot sorting, ballot printing on-demand, secure voting stations, and more. Our continuously evolving technology software for signature verification, petition management, and ballot duplication, makes us the cutting-edge leaders in the election industry. Get fast and dependable customer support and equipment meant for any level of intense election.

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