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Runbeck Election Services on Success Files

Runbeck Elections is featured on Success Files, an award-winning program that highlights new stories and innovative concepts through groundbreaking documentaries.

Runbeck New Facility Build - Timelapse video

Watch the new facility go up in 2.5 minutes! Runbeck built a 90,000 sq.ft.state-of-the-art building in 2018 designed to accommodate Print & Mail production and general growth in Phoenix, AZ. It incorporates green initiatives, high tech equipment and the best security.

Behind Your Ballot: How election ballots are printed and verified in AZ

Arizona plays a bigger role in the election process than you probably realize. ABC15 was granted rare access inside Phoenix-based company Runbeck Election Services to see how ballots are printed and verified.

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Maricopa County Sentio Solution

NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER of invention as they say. Maricopa County had a problem to solve: they needed to print an envelope and use a Ballot On-Demand printer in the early voting environment. The Solution? Runbeck tailored the Sentio System to print a replacement mail ballot request and envelope using a single request. This advancement quickly morphed into providing the ability to print seven different print requests. The Sentio System can now print a provisional receipt with variable information specific to a single elector, as well as produce Direct Recording Electronic instructions for the poll worker to program a voter access card. The custom-built Envelope Printing Software has the capability of digesting a text file of various formats. This game-changing feature is now incorporated into the Sollus product line giving customers the full control of printing and mailing their outbound mail ballots at their convenience.

New software and equipment developments are an ongoing need for every county with the endless range of election requirements. Maricopa partnered with Runbeck to solve their problem which now in turn will help other counties. It’s great to be part of the Solution!

Runbeck Sentio Ballot Printer On Demand