Runbeck Election Services Develops the Nation’s First Online Petition System

Denver, Colorado (April 13, 2021) – Runbeck Election Services (Runbeck), an elections technology solutions company focused on delivering printing, equipment and software solutions, has successfully partnered with the City of Boulder to provide the nation’s first online petition system. Boulder Direct Democracy Online (BDDO) utilizes Runbeck’s innovative software Vocem® Online Petition System to allow petitions to be endorsed by registered voters.

The City of Boulder and Runbeck worked closely to develop BDDO which became accessible to nearly 80,000 of Boulder’s registered voters on January 23, 2021. The system

Through BDDO, the City Clerk’s office has increased their ability to enfranchise voters and have constituents more involved in the democratic process.

Vocem Online is a web-based application that includes an election office portal and a constituent portal. Jurisdictions have a central place to efficiently manage petitions. Registered voters use an online portal to endorse petitions from a computer or mobile device. The System validates an endorser through two-factor authentication, and then provides a simple one-click, secure methodology for endorsements.

Jeff Ellington, President and CEO of Runbeck explains, “We are excited to work cohesively on this groundbreaking software technology implementation. The result of this combined effort allows the voice of the voter to be heard on important ballot initiative efforts for the City of Boulder.”

Runbeck initiated development of the Vocem Online Software so jurisdictions across the country could reach a larger proportion of constituents. Petitions traditionally are circulated and endorsed by gathering signatures door-to-door and at public locations by petition circulators. The online platform reduces and can potentially omit the massive amount of time and labor that petitions require for verification of endorsements.

More information on BDDO for Boulder registered voters can be found at

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