Runbeck Election Services Announces Election Cybersecurity

Trusted Election Service Company Focuses on State of the Art Cybersecurity

Runbeck Election Services Inc. is pleased to announce a new layer in cybersecurity to protect the election process. Adding to its existing state-of-the art election printing, software and hardware services, Runbeck is partnering with CyberDefenses, an industry leader in cyber security, to provide more  defenses to the election process. The ground-breaking service provides; cybersecurity reviews, mitigation and 24/7 monitoring, tailored to the election and public-sector client.

The new cybersecurity offering is designed to identify areas of vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, thus securing management of all highly sensitive election data. The additional protection will provide a level of network and data security beyond what jurisdictions can currently provide. Combined with Runbeck’s extensive election experience CyberDefenses innovative approach will enhance a jurisdictions’ security throughout their entire network and staff with simplicity and ease.

The targeting of elections is taking a costly toll on public agencies and elections themselves as they come under attack across a range of IT infrastructures both at home and abroad. A good cybersecurity program will protect the confidentiality and integrity of the data entrusted to each jurisdiction by ensuring a high security level in all aspects of the organization from networking to staffing. According to a half-year analysis by ITRC of 2017 US data breaches, hacking was the primary method of attack. Hacking (which includes phishing, ransomware/malware and skimming) was involved in 63% of all identified breaches. Runbeck’s innovative approach identifies, monitors and mitigates these possibilities. It also improves the staff’s understanding and ability to ensure security.

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