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Runbeck Election Services has partnered with CyberDefenses, a premier cybersecurity services organization, to provide the highest level of cybersecurity guidance, security, training and support available. Our unique combination services and training ensures you’re prepared to address all your cybersecurity challenges:

Guidance and Assessment

We perform a detailed assessment of your current cybersecurity environment, then offer executive-level advice on resources, risk, costs and in-depth customized roadmaps to ensure better protection against future threats.

Full Issue Mitigation

Our full issue mitigation services secure any weaknesses found during the assessment. As a result, your systems, processes, procedure and staff are as prepared as possible.

Full Security Monitoring Services

Runbeck’s election services portfolio is tightly engineered to ensure your protection against any adversary. We specialize in security operations, data protection, threat hunting, dark web monitoring, issue mitigation and cyber response. In addition, our cyber experts monitor your systems and network 24/7. You can rest easy—we are on the watch.

Incidence Response and Preparedness Tabletop Exercises

Our team jumps into full action to help you respond to a cyber-attack swiftly and effectively. Runbeck helps you stop the incident, determine the extent of the damage and put a remediation plan into effect immediately. Runbeck’s offering also includes conducting tabletop, virtual and onsite Incident Response Exercises. Every member of your organization will possess the skills and knowledge needed to respond to threats before an attack happens, reducing any negative impact.

Cyber Academy

We offer innovative training in multiple areas of threat intelligence and forensics to help you understand and mitigate cyber threats. This education-focused model enables you with the tools and knowledge needed to provide exceptional protection for your enterprise.

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