Tabletop Ballot Packet Sorting System

Speed up in-bound vote-by-mail ballot envelope processing by using this highly efficient sorting solution for small to midsize counties.

Runbeck AgilisDuo Compact Ballot Packet Sorter


  • Portable & convenient tabletop model
  • Scalable to sorting needs, up to 2 pockets
  • Process speeds up to 1,500 per hour/200dpi
  • Offline capabilities
  • Automated image capture
  • On-screen display for manual verifications
  • Full audit capabilities
  • Plugs into regular 110v outlet

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Looking for an even more robust and portable sorting solution?
Read more about the Agilis® which features the same capabilities as the AgilisDuoTM and more, like Automated Signature Verification, and customizable sort options.

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