Take Control of In-house Ballot Printing

Sollus Software along with the Sentio printer gives control to the counties which are perfectly sized to handle their own ballot printing in-house. Runbeck developed this software by combining best practices and expert knowledge from nearly 50 years of experience so small to midsize counties manage their own printing.

Save Time and Self-Manage.

  • No waiting behind larger jurisdiction’s ballot printing
  • Control of ballot printing
  • Less waste. Order blank ballot stock that can be used in multiple elections vs. pre-printed ballots
  • Reduce stress before an election
  • ROI for the long term
  • Save time searching for the right vendor
  • Use time efficiently with a flexible printing schedule
  • Quickly reprint damaged ballots on demand —no need to print extras “just in case”
  • Control over county boxing and distribution needs
  • Eliminate waiting due to delays for official ballots

Software Features:

  • Ballots meet tabulation specifications
  • Easy-to-use print software
  • Easy implementation
  • Seamless integration
  • Compatible with Sentio

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