On-screen Ballot Duplication Software

Meaning new or refreshed in Latin, Novus® generates tabulation ready voted ballots from an unreadable Vote-by-Mail ballot.

Simple 5-Step Process:

  1. Ballots are scanned and assigned a duplicate I.D.
  2. Scanned ballots are batched and imported into Novus
  3. Once exported into Novus, both scanned and
    duplicated images are viewed side-by-side, where the
    operator can manually change selections duplicated,
    or finalize the duplication.
  4. Finalized duplicates are moved into an approval queue
    pending administrator approval.
  5. Upon administrator’s approval, duplicated ballots
    move to a print queue for print.
Runbeck Novus® On-screen Ballot Duplication Software


  • Side-by-side review of both original and duplicated ballots allowing for manual correction
  • Full audit trail
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Time-stamped processing queue window
  • Scanned image view
  • Prints unique identifier on original ballot while scanning image
  • Compatible with our Sentio Ballot Printing System

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