Novus® Ballot Duplication Software

Meaning new in Latin, Novus® generates tabulation ready voted ballots from an unreadable Vote-by-Mail ballot.The Novus Ballot Duplication Software allows jurisdictions to process up to 150 ballots per hour vs. 30 ballots per hour with traditional methods. Election Officials can recreate a ballot onscreen within a secure and transparent environment. Novus is user-friendly for jurisdictions­—it can be used by 20 simultaneous duplication teams­!

Novus Simple 5-Step Process:

  1. Ballots are scanned and assigned a duplicate ID
  2. Scanned ballots are batched and imported into Novus
  3. The scanned and duplicated images are displayed side-by-side for manual review and changes
  4. Finalized duplicates are moved to an approval queue for approval
  5. Upon administrator’s approval, duplicated ballots move to a print queue for print
Novus Duplication Software

Software Features:

  • Faster ballot duplication
  • Complete transparency
  • Full audit reporting
  • Time-stamped processing queue window
  • Scanned image view
  • Duplicate IDs eliminate duplication errors
  • Compatible with Sentio Printer
  • Interface compatible with touchscreen
  • Usable to duplicate UOCAVA ballots to tabulation-ready ballots

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