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Agilis® Election Mail Sorting
& Processing System

Our Most Powerful Sorting Technology for High Volumes of Inbound Mail Ballots.

Vote-by-mail elections require stringent accountability and timely processing of every voter’s ballot envelope. Manual handling isn’t a practical solution for jurisdictions who support large numbers of mail/absentee voters. Designed specifically for the unique challenges election environments experience, the Agilis conquers inbound mail processing while seamlessly integrating into your jurisdiction’s daily routine.

With 8 pockets for mail ballot sorting included, you can enhance your Agilis to include as many pockets as your county needs. Elevate your in-house mailing operations with sorting speeds of up to 18,000 mail packets per hour!

Get all the details about how the system works from our Agilis Spec Sheet.

Agilis Features

Using a high-definition camera, an image of each envelope is taken to capture voter information & voter signature for verification.

The sorting system is highly configurable with full reporting & audit capabilities, complete with detailed tray tag printing for document retention purposes.

Interfaces with Voter Registration Systems to manage the status of each mail ballot.

On-screen manual signature verification software included, with the option of adding on Automated Signature Recognition (ASR) software to use in conjunction with the manual verification process.

The Agilis will determine if the envelope is too thick, too thin, or has incorrect dimensions based on the county's set threshold.

An optional in-line envelope opener is offered to reduce the hassle of manually opening the envelope when preparing verified ballots for tabulation.

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Evolve With the Rise of Early Voting.

More voters are requesting mail ballots than ever before. Talk to one of our team members to learn more about the modern solution to your jurisdiction’s mail handling needs.

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