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Duplicating damaged or unreadable ballots is a stressful, time and labor-intensive part of every election process. Our solution allows jurisdictions to process up to 150 ballots per hour vs. 30 ballots per hour with traditional methods. Using the Novus On-Screen Ballot Duplication software, your bipartisan boards can quickly recreate a ballot on-screen within a secure and transparent environment. The regenerated ballots are fully auditable, tabulation-ready, and can be printed using our Sentio Ballot Printing On-Demand System.

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The Novus Process

Damaged ballots are scanned into a digital database where the ballot's style is recognized from the ballot’s barcode and a blank ballot of the same style is digitally generated. Both images are assigned a matching ID for maintaining an audit trail.

The scanned version of the damaged ballot and matching ballot style are displayed side-by-side for manual voter-intent marking by the bipartisan board.

Finalized duplicates move to a queue for review and approval. A record of both the damaged ballot and its corresponding duplicate are digitally stored for reference according to the jurisdiction's document retention standards.

Upon admin approval, duplicated ballots move to the print queue, ready for tabulation.

Novus Features

Matching ID assignment eliminates replication errors and provides a quality assurance trail for audit reporting.

All ballot styles for the election are stored in the system and the correct style is matched from multiple barcode verifications.

The interface is touchscreen compatible. Digital side-by-side image comparison streamlines voter-intent marking.

Both digital ballots awaiting final approval and the approved print-ready ballots are time-stamped when they enter their respective queues.

Accidents Happen – Be Prepared to Solve Them With Novus.

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