COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Impact on Elections and Runbeck

As the world monitors the spread of COVID-19, we want to share the steps Runbeck Election Services has taken to minimize its impact on our employees and how Runbeck will successfully continue to serve the entire elections industry.

We value our employees and their safety. On March 17, Runbeck implemented best practices published by national and local leaders, the CDC and other sources to protect our employees, their families and the public. We are relying heavily on social distancing, handwashing and working remotely when possible.

The difficult decisions every business must make is unprecedented. Runbeck is pleased to utilize our full-time staff with a significant portion of our team members working remotely while a limited number of staff works onsite. Our partners will receive the highest level of customer service, expedient response times and elections support in the industry. We are committed—even within the new parameters of this national crisis—to continue defending democracy and ensuring your elections run smoothly.

Election Planning and Support
Given the global situation surrounding the COVID-19, Runbeck has contingency plans from our suppliers. We closely monitor our current customers’ needs along with mail ballot options nationwide. However, the lay of the land for executing balloting and voting is changing as seen through an immediate shift to Vote-By-Mail (VBM). With 50 years in the elections industry and the VBM arena, our experience is second to none. Feel confident you will receive sound advice on election solutions from the Runbeck team. Jurisdictions know that execution of VBM for the summer and the November Presidential Election is all about timing and planning—these could be the variables for your success. We ask that jurisdictions reach out immediately with questions about VBM and other alternatives. Over communicate your plans with us and we will be there to provide answers and solutions. Let’s achieve election goals together despite the new challenges in 2020. Runbeck is America’s Election Partner®—your partner.

Stay healthy and stay smart, America. Thank you for your trust in the entire Runbeck Team.

Helpful link:
Center for Disease Control (CDC)

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