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Kevin Runbeck

Chief Executive Officer

A fourth generation Arizonan, Kevin brings over 4 decades of election experience to what has grown to be Runbeck Elections Services, Inc. As CEO, his visionary leadership has driven the direction and development of an executive team possessing election specific expertise, assembling the top performers in the industry who are uniquely poised to deliver un-paralleled service in the election production space.

Recognized as an expert in election production, Kevin’s passion for the democratic process and the power of the vote has driven the direction and focus the company. True to his beliefs, Runbeck Election Services supports democracy by transforming how elections are produced and measured allowing today’s elections officials to deliver trusted outcomes.

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Jeff Ellington

President & Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Ellington is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Runbeck Election Services.

Ellington has distinguished himself as a leader in the election industry. Through several election cycles he has provided leadership and direction, driving improvements of processes while maintaining high quality standards. Runbeck Election Services partners with their customers to provide the most innovative and trusted election products and services.

Ellington joined Runbeck in 2011 as Vice President of Vote by Mail, and in 2012 he became the Vice President of Field Operations. Since 2015 he has served as Chief Operating Officer, and he assumed the role of President in 2016.

Prior to joining Runbeck, Ellington was the World Wide Customer Service Manager at MailCode Inc. as well as Product Manager for Pitney Bowes. With multiple years of hands-on experience in elections, Ellington is a trailblazer with laser focus on customer satisfaction. He leads by example and pushes the innovation bubble across the entire team of specialists. He champions the Runbeck Lean Manufacturing initiative, consistently refining today’s activity to build a stronger, more cohesive tomorrow for the teams and clients. His leadership provides a steady platform on which clients rely. Ellington’s Vote-By-Mail experience is unsurpassed by anyone in the industry.

As a graduate of Purdue University, Ellington is focused on efficient and quality outcomes. His dedication to customer satisfaction and high quality service is a trademark of Runbeck Election Services.

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Tammy White

Vice President of Human Resources and Facilities Management

Joining the Runbeck Team in the company’s infancy, Tammy’s leadership and insight helped shape the extraordinary culture of our teams and our company-wide community outreach programs. Her expertise as our Human Relations specialist led to Runbeck Election Services’ recognition as a Best Workplace in America company 3 years in a row.

Keeping the daily administrative operations running smoothly, Tammy is masterful when it comes to company functions, team building activities and employee recognition programs.

She is an active member of the Printing Industries of America’s local chapter, and has held a number of leadership positions with the Phoenix Postal Customer Council.

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Jim Suver

Vice President of Business Development

Jim Suver is Runbeck’s Vice President of Business Development. He is a recognized leader in the government and elections industry and brings 19 years of elections marketplace expertise to our team. Jim leads the Company’s new business development and strategic growth initiatives via management of three product verticals. He is also responsible for developing and maintaining strong customer and governmental relationships while expanding our brand footprint and extending our credibility with election stakeholders throughout the United States.

In the U.S. elections space, Jim is well-known for establishing and finding value in previously untapped markets. He is a tabulation specialist, with extensive direct record electronic, paper ballot precinct count, and paper ballot central count experience. Knowledgeable on COTS (commercial off the shelf) and purpose-built appliances and their interoperability with their respective election management systems.

In his spare time, Jim works closely with persons with disabilities to drive acceptance and application of new technologies within their community.

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David Siegel

Vice President of Software Development

David Siegel is the Vice President for Software Development at Runbeck Election Services.

Siegel provides leadership for the innovative development, implementation, and support for election software solutions. As a Certified Project Management Professional and Scrum Master, he has successfully managed numerous large scale complex implementations and has worked as a software developer, Chief of Staff, and Innovation Leader.

Prior to joining Runbeck, Siegel spent 25 years in Engineering and Informational Technology roles with Intel Corporation and Honeywell. In these roles he consistently led the implementation of large scale complex software solutions that increased business value using lean and agile practices and focusing on customer satisfaction. His dedication to continuous improvement has been a cornerstone of success in his leadership within Fortune 100 companies.

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Bill O’Neill

Vice President of Cybersecurity and Consulting

A recognized leader in the elections industry, Bill O’Neill currently serves as Runbeck’s Vice President of Cybersecurity and Consulting. He is responsible for delivering cybersecurity services to state and county election departments and ensuring the security of our customers’ elections from foreign and domestic threats. He is also charged with providing consulting support to election-focused organizations looking to replace voting systems, implement process improvements, and leverage our election expertise.

Bill joined Runbeck Elections Services from Shamrock Associates in El Dorado, CA., where he served as president and a senior consultant. In those roles, he managed voting systems, vendor selection, contract negotiations, and system integration for fourteen California counties in addition to partnering with customers in Washington, and other government entities. Bill successfully managed the selection and implementation of voting systems throughout California.

During his tenure with Runbeck Election Services, Bill directed the development of our software including our internal production and workflow systems, as well as, all customer software and new product development. He also managed the field operations team, supporting customers with Runbeck’s innovative product suite featuring Sentio Ballot Printing System®, Agilis®, Novus®, and Vocem.

Bill holds a PMP® designation and is an experienced software developer, technology project manager, and business consultant. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with many state and federal agencies, including CalTrans, the California State Teachers’ Retirement System, and the U.S. Department of Energy, Colorado, Florida, Oregon, and California Secretaries of State among others.